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Brandt Quick speaks about Nike SPARQ in New Orleans

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Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness

BQuick Athletic Development is certified through the Nike SPARQ Organization.  This organization is dedicated to the development of young athletes as they aspire to get to the next level of their careers, which go hand in hand with the goals of BQuick Athletic Development.

Any athlete from any sport, will be asked to go through a series of tested, timed drills, or a training combine, that will allow scouts and coaches to quantify the athleticism of that respective athlete. We have a series of drills and tests, and how to score them, that will allow athletes to see where they are in respect to other athletes and teams in the country. We have managed and continue to manage these testing combines for the Nike SPARQ Organization, and are available to come to your school or facility, or you can come to ours, to have your team or individual athletes tested.

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This gives athletes who aspire to get to the next level, some experience and confidence with training combines, so that when they get to their combine, they are prepared. We also film these combines to give athletes another tool of their performance to send to scouts and coaches. This DVD or VHS Cassette can be sent to the coach or scout, with game or competition film as well, to give them the opportunity to see the athlete in many different areas, showing their many skills and attributes. The more information you can provide to scouts and coaches, the better, which will allow you a better chance to be looked at seriously by them to either earn a scholarship, or in some sports, get drafted to the pro level.  We can mentor and coach athletes through the recruiting process for college, which most of our coaches have had previous personal experience with.

What is Nike Sparq?

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