RMR/EMR TESTimonials.


I just read your blog and the article about me. What a compliment! Perhaps I will be able to live up to such lofty and kind words.

In the past year, I have progressed to where I am now because of you. Yes, I have worked hard, but without your drive, guidance and support, I could not have achieved what I did.

With your help I have continued to progress; where without it, I would have grown stagnant long ago.

While I am pleased with what see and happy with how I feel, I am not satisfied and would guess that I am about 2/3 of the way to shaping my body into a place that I can accept and then hopefully maintain. There's no doubt, the last 1/3 will be the hardest. What is a certainty is that the final path and then the continuity can't be done without you.

I could also talk about what I think of your dedication, care, concern, commitment and hard work, but, I don't think I can say it more simply or genuinely than what I've said before. At the end of the day and after all is said, you are a good guy. You have challenged me to not only new physical heights but also to be better overall.

There are probably a lot of others who can claim to have helped others physically improve. But I know there are not many people who can claim such impacts on others as to have improved them as people. You should hold pride and honor in such accomplishments.

What is left is that because of my time with you, I am a better person.

I am fortunate to know you.

Thank you,

Dear Brandt,

I just wanted to tell you that at the beginning of the summer I wrote on my goal sheet that you had us write that I wanted to make the FHS school soccer team. Try-outs were this week and a lot of kids showed up, 15 freshmen alone. I found out today that I made the freshman team, and coach said that we were so good that he kept all of us. I wanted to thank you for all the help this summer without that I would not have made the team. I also hurt my leg the first day of try-outs because I decided to climb a fence instead of going around to get the ball. Unfortunately I fell off the fence and landed on my leg and it has been sore for a few days it is slowly recovering because I have been “R.I.C.E.” my leg. I thought to myself where’s coach Rhonda when you need her. See you next summer.

Thank you,

"The dietary adjustments recommended by Brandt Quick in conjunction with the supplement program that he designed for both me and my family has made a world of difference for us all. It is so incredibly important to know that your body is receiving the nutritional components it needs that daily food intake cannot provide alone.

Eating more wholesome foods, losing excess pounds, increased energy, and the knowledge that you and your loved ones are doing all that you can to protect each family member's health are just a few of the things that Brandt Quick and his program have brought to our family."

-Barry Butera (Parent, Coach, Former Professional Baseball Player, Owner of Lake Castle School)

Hey Brandt,

I just wanted to thank you for everything you've helped me with these past couple of years. I've never been the most athletic person, but because of your program I'm definitely prepared for the challenges that I may face here, mentally and physically!"

Maddie Commander


What's up, it's John Faciane. I just wanted to tell you how great the website is and how great the tips are on it. I look at it all the time. Ever since that first workout you gave us on the Northshore, i have been committed to living healthy. You really gave me a true passion for working out and eating healthy. Thanks man, i appreciate all of it. Keep up the awesome work and stay in touch.

Good luck,

Dear Guest,

I took Brandt Quick’s Jr. Certification program this summer. We learned a lot about how to use the workout machines, nutrition and how to keep our bodies healthy. It was much more fun to learn it with a group of kids and a trainer than from my Mom and Dad. Now when my parents take me to the gym I get to watch my favorite TV shows while I exercise. It is a ton of fun and I can run longer during my soccer games!

Lydia, age 8

Dear Brandt,

Ralph Waldo Emerson once defined success as, "to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived".

The contribution(s) you've made to the MHS LAX team has been remarkable. As a team, you and Gregg have helped build a brotherhood, a special bond that in years to come will be remembered by all those that participated. On a more personal level, I wanted you to know how grateful I am for your work and the impact it has had on my son.
Our family has had a very difficult year. Not to sound like a bleeding heart – but, my son's father moved out of state and I've been fighting cancer. As you can imagine, I've been worried about my son and the stress that goes along with these life challenges. Before lacrosse, my son had started to isolate, gain weight and had stopped acting like a kid. Lacrosse has changed him completely. As the result of your training, he has lost 15 lbs., regained his self-esteem, acts more carefree and more importantly witnessed true leadership/character through your interaction. I wanted you to know how impressed I've been as a parent….and how grateful I am.
Not that I'm anyone important, but if you ever need a reference for you business or at any time you need a 'voice' to promote it – I would shout your praises.
As our season ends, I just wanted to send you my personal thank you.

Sydney S


I just wanted to say Thank You for mentoring Blake this summer...he doesn’t stop talking about you and Scott- you guys made such an impact on his life this summer...he can’t wait to be back during the holidays. He wanted to know about training from his house...hopefully his dad will allow him to train at a local gym or get weights for him until then.

Again thanks, your program is outstanding and I hope everyone sees that. You are awesome at what you do and so caring of each and every student you have. I don’t know how we would live without you- thank you sooooo much!!!

Julie Hudson  -Program Director and Events Director at Franco's Health Club

Dear Brandt,

Thank You very much for all your hard work, and for letting me join the girls as they prepared for Las Vegas. It was a wonderful time for me, as I became able to do things I never thought possible. You are a wonderful motivator, and I know you will continue to succeed. Although I did not write down my goals, I did meet them: to make friends with the girls, to not come in last in every exercise , and to slim down a little. Thank you for helping me achieve those goals.

(A mother who attended training sessions with the girls of  Northshore Academy of Dance this summer.)