Speaking Engagements

Let BQuick Motivate Your Group

Brandt Quick is a gifted and prolific speaker.  He has a natural rapport with students, parents and faculty that guarantees a captive audience.  Brandt is avaiable to give motivational speeches to your group of kids / teens at school, your team on the field, your school's awards banquet or any venue that suits your particular needs. 

Popular Topics:
  • The Importance of Exercise and Living a Healthy Lifestyle from Childhood
  • Nutrition
  • Motivation
  • The Importance of  Education
  • Being Polite
  • Having Respect for Elders and Peers
  • How to Integrate What We Learn from Sports into our Everyday Lives
  • Being Positive and Surrounding Yourself with Positive People
  • Being Blessed and Fortunate
  • Not Taking Things for Granted

Brandt andThe BQuick Team has spoken and continues to speak regularly at schools and to teams and clubs, and also at educational seminars and continuing education courses.

Brandt speaks at Mandeville Junior High Honor Role Brunch.

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