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Hi Brandt,

    I wanted to touch base with you and let you know how everything is going. I'm truly amazed that I would see results so fast after having my RMR/EMR testing (VO2 MAX). Even though I don't have my Polar watch yet, I have gotten an idea of my HR zones from the treadmill monitors. Once I could feel where my ranges were I took that with me into spin class. I'm sure I wasn't exactly accurate but I can already tell that my workouts have been more effective and believe it or not the scale is saying that I have lost about 3.5lbs. Not a huge difference, but it's a start. I can't wait to get my watch so I can really get a good reading.
I have a few questions.

* First, how many days a week am I supposed to work out? Can I do seven if the seventh is yoga? Five to six days/week, the seventh can be yoga, but not intense yoga, gentle stretching and breathing with an emphasis on breathing. You need to allow your body to rest almost completely one day physically. However, flexibility and corework are ok everyday.

* Also, how many days a week do I do each kind of workout, sprint, AB, Tempo, AT? Why wouldn't I just do the fat burning? Try to get in at least two to three days of AB or TEMPO, and one to two days of AT and Sprint work. We need to burn a healthy combo of fats and carbs, rather than just one or the other to promote lean tissue and adipose tissue (fat) loss.

* What is the difference between AT and sprint? AB and TEMPO will burn more fat, and AT/Sprint more carbohydrates.

Again, Thank You so much. It has been an awesome experience. I feel like I can actually reach my goal.

Hope all is well with you!

Hey Brandt,

WOW!!! Now I'm really hooked. I started using the watch and I've been using this lo-cal protein powder. Brandt I actually ran for 15 minutes yesterday. I told you in the past I would only run to answer the phone. I've definately seen alot of muscle building in my legs, which I know now will help to burn the fat. I can't thank you enough. I was getting so frustrated working so hard for so long and not seeing any results. I'll be back to see you for an overhaul.

Take care,


To Anyone Considering Being Tested,

After having two children and completely loosing touch with the body I had in my early 20’s, I decided to venture back to the gym. I knew at “close to 40” I would have to work hard and it would be a long road. I started with yoga, mostly to prevent a stroke! My strength improved but I was still carrying too much extra weight. Not being a stranger to knowing how to work out, I realized it was time to step it up a notch. I started doing body pump, spin, running the elliptical and so on. For weeks nothing seemed to be improving. Neither the scale nor the clothing size budged. Talk about depressing and demotivating. I was going to Jamaica in a few months so I began to seek out a trainer. I looked at my gym, but no one moved me. I remembered meeting Brandt through a yoga class and sought him out. He was the right combination of information, technical expertise and motivation for me. We decided to find out first, exactly how my body responded to exercise. I opted to do the EMR/RMR Metabolic Testing to find out how many calories I burn per day at rest and also what my current fitness level was and how my energy systems responded to exercise. Wow, what I found out changed my approach to how I exercised. All this time I was killing myself just to end up hungry and tired. With the information I learned from EMR/RMR Metabolic Testing and the individualized plan that Brandt gave me, I started seeing results fast! I purchased the polar watch and heart monitor so I could plan and execute my workouts within the zone that Brandt recommended. Here are some of the first things I noticed:

1. Increased stamina: after a few weeks I noticed that my maximum heart rate increased. Also I could workout longer with less fatigue. And for the first time in my life, I jogged 3 miles and enjoyed it!

2. My appetite changed: I always thought I wanted to work out so I could eat whatever I wanted. But once I got into a routine, I found that my cravings decreased and I was actually less likely to blow the calories I knew I had burned on something less healthy for my body.

3. Noticeable results: My husband noticed that my body was firming up and started to work out more himself. And a big highlight for me was a few weeks ago when a total stranger, a woman about 10 years younger than me, told me I had beautiful legs and wanted to know what my leg exercise routine consisted of.

I still have more to achieve before I reach the goal I have set for myself, but working with Brandt has given me the specific personal information, the tools to I need to monitor my progress and the focus I need to stay motivated. I highly recommend working with Brandt and his team of professional trainers. It has been a great investment in myself.

Amity Carriere

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