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Covington H.S.: Lions on the Prowl in Louisiana

The past few days haven’t been easy for the Central truck due to the harsh weather conditions. At one point, the team found themselves in the middle of a large thunder storm. Running frantically, the team was determined to salvage the electrical equipment, which was exposed due to high winds after their tent was blown over a ten foot fence. Despite the bad luck in the previous days, the Central truck rolled into Covington High School in Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana.

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Nearly fifty Covington Lions were present at Jack Salter Stadium early Tuesday morning.  A cool morning provided optimal conditions for the athletes to test.  Brandt Quick was again present, as he is in charge of the Lions off-season conditioning.  With a 6-5 record this past year, the Lions are working hard looking forward to this coming football season.

Team and Stadium

Throughout the state of Louisiana, SPARQ training seems to have caught on as a valuable tool in determining where one is at athletically compared to their peers.   For some, this was their second SPARQ combine in the past week, as familiar faces were recognized.  One of these athletes, running back Johnny Braud, roared the loudest score of the day with his 46.49 SPARQ rating.  His 4.81 shuttle and 4.91 forty showed he is going to be ready to attack the opposing defense this coming season.  Other notables include Sebastian Pastor, who completed 19 reps on the bench press, and quarterback Chris Holden, who ran the fastest forty meter dash posting a respectable 4.85.


Team in front of Truck

Extending our stay in Baton Rouge for another two days, the Central truck looks forward to testing more of Louisiana’s finest.

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