Metabolic Mastery
Metabolic Mastery
BQuick Athletic Development is proud to be the only company in the in the state of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast to offer The New Leaf VO2 Metabolic System!

What are you really capable of? It’s a powerful question. To achieve your body’s full potential, you’ve first got to know what that potential is. At the highest levels of sport, we measure potential in Peak VO2. How much oxygen can your body take in and put to use in the process of burning fuel (calories) to perform at the highest level? New Leaf’s Metabolic Assessment precisely measures your aerobic base, your threshold, and your peak. With that vital information in hand, you can put together a workout plan that will put you in pursuit of your full potential.

If you’ve experienced the dreaded DNF, your anaerobic threshold is a likely culprit in the dubious “did not finish” distinction. With a metabolic assessment, you can know without doubt what changes you must make to your base conditioning and interval training to bust through the tape.

For athletes who need explosive power, say for quick sprints up and down the court, quick aerobic recovery means a better chance of beating your competitor off the line. With a metabolic assessment, you and your trainer can build your aerobic base for optimum performance.

When team performance is the thing, the old cliché about the weakest link rings true. What can you do to shorten recovery time for each player? How to motivate your athletes to work toward their utmost athletic potential? Active Metabolic Training for the entire team gives insight into the individual performance potential and lets you create specialized workouts for position players. Do that, and you’re on your way to building a training program that improves performance for your entire team.


When you’re playing with the best of the best, performance tools aren’t optional if you want to stay in the game. Tools for training, tracking, and even eating (your new secret weapon?!) can give you an edge:

Tool #1: Workout Program
Your metabolic assessment makes it possible to create a training program that’s specific to your end goal and optimized to your individual metabolic markers. Whether you need to periodize your cardio, train your base in the off-season, or avoid overtraining as you head into your championship moment, your metabolic assessment defines your profile and defines the ideal workout program to achieve your performance goals.

Tool #2: Monitoring
A handful of variables must come together at the right time in the right way to tap the best your body can deliver. Measuring and tracking those variables in your workout gives you a systematic way to evaluate your training progress. Power, speed, and agility all tie together to create ultimate performance, and all are worthy of being tracked and monitored. Another key indicator? Heart rate. Strap on a monitor and track your tach. You’ll never look at your workout program the same way again.

Tool #3: Nutrition
In the midst of measuring heart rate, VO2, and numerous other performance factors, it can be easy to miss what’s right in front of you. So, what’s on your plate? New Leaf’s online nutrition tracking and training tool ENERGYsmart uses your individual metabolic assessment results to suggest menus, grocery lists, and recipes that will help you achieve ultimate athletic performance. Crafted by registered dietitians, the site tracks calories, vitamins, and minerals as part of its dietary analysis. The info, stored securely, can be easily shared with your coach or nutritionist so your next conversation about eating the ideal amount and kind of foods can be a truly meaningful part of your training program.


With hard-won performance improvements coming in such small increments, it pays big dividends to know exactly what you’re getting out of your workouts. An initial New Leaf metabolic assessment records your baseline, and regular follow-ups track the evolution to your peak athletic performance. You’ll be able to see trends within your data, and that will give you important insight into the effectiveness of your training program. Did your base training improve your anaerobic threshold? Have you moved closer to your VO2 peak? Is your body poised for that next step, the one that will make you faster, fitter, and stronger than the next gal? Still wondering why you should bother with a metabolic reassessment? It’s the only fitness tool that truly lets you turn knowledge into real power. And you can’t beat that.

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