"We live this each and every day, and it is our passion and something we love and live for and have dedicated ourselves to each and every day, for each and every person we come in contact with, to help them to the best of our ability."  Brandt Quick

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Brandt Quick

Brandt Quick - About

Graduate of Tulane University in Exercise Science
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Certified
SAC (Speed, Agility, Conditioning) Certified
Yoga for Athletes Certified
Power Pilate's Certified (Classically Based & Authentic)
AFPA Children's Fitness Specialist Certified

Nike Sparq Certified
AFPA Nutrition Wellness and Sports Nutrition Consultant

Brandt is currently president and CEO of BQuick Athletic Development,
as well as the Director and Head Speed and Strength Specialist at
Sports Performance Academy at Franco's Athletic Club in Mandeville, LA.

As a former and current athlete who has competed at the highest levels, Brandt brings the practical experience and knowledge that he applies with every single athlete and client, as well as his business. Not only does Brandt have the knowledge, but has applied that knowledge to himself and his teammates throughout years of elite competitive athletics. Brandt is passionate about his work, doing what he loves and bringing that passion, drive, determination and love to each and every athlete and client that he works with. He tries to lead by example in all aspects of life and training "practicing what he preaches" by eating right, staying active and continually educating himself to make informed and better decisions as they relate to health, wellness, performance and vitality. This re-education, assures our clients that our company is always staying in the forefront of the evolution of the health, fitness, wellness and performance industries so that we can optimally help you to achieve your goals. Brandt has worked with several demographics: young kids (starting at age 4) and adults (up to 90 years old), teams, clubs, corporations, athletes (elementary, middle, junior high, high school, college and professional athletes), motivational and educationalspeaking engagements to junior highs, high schools, seminars and continuing education seminars for health and wellness professionals, and in the corporate setting. One of our goals for our young student athletes is to help them to earn college scholarships, which we have been successful with hundreds so far. Our main goal with all of our athletes and clients is education. Education is empowerment and gives all of our clients the ability to make informed decisions and choices as it relates to their goals. We want ourathlete's and clients to know the hows and whys of what they are continually doing with us, so that they know there is always a purpose and they are always being educated. Brandt works and strives to help his clients achieve an overall balance of nutrition, cardiovascular training, strength training, flexibility and core training and a balance within each of these individual components as well.

Scott Cook

Scott Cook - AboutLMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Certified
CPR/AED Certified

Scott Cook employs an intense and dynamic style of personal training. He is a skilled trainer and athlete, with a passion for helping clients reach their full potential. Much of his discipline and motivation is born of his experience in the U.S. Army. As a veteran of the 82nd Airborne 2/325 Airborne Infantry Regiment, he was a member of the Alpha Company Powerlifting Squad and Ironman Teams. While serving in the Army, he repeatedly maxed out the Physical Training Test at a 300+ score to maintain the higher standard.

Scott makes a concerted effort to maintain an active lifestyle, both professionally and personally. He is USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Certified and CPR/AED certified and holds a degree in Therapeutic Massage.

As a member of the BQuick team, Scott looks forward to supporting the lifelong fitness objectives of new and existing clients.

Chris Perez

Chris Perez - AboutACE Certified Personal Trainer

Chris is a true athlete with a background in almost every sport and has done martial arts for years. He has always enjoyed working out and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Chris is also a student at Southeastern Louisiana University studying Athletic Training and is looking to extend his education further through other certifications. His main focus is on strength and conditioning with a strong motivational personality. Chris has the ability to make your training experience effective, yet FUN!